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Click on any of the links below to visit the fine folks that I have come to respect 
over my years as a professional angler and instructor.

Heratige Ford
Bass Cat Boats
Arriving at your first fishing location ahead of the rest is extremely important, but not as important getting there each and every time.  That is where Mercury Motors is my first choice, day in and day out.  Number one on the water.
When you are looking for the answer, look no further Berkley has what you need. Top of the line all the way.
Abu Garcia Web Site I like a reel that is dependable and durable. Abu Garcia is at the top of the reel chain. While other anglers are pulling out bird nests, I reeling in fish.
I have been with Fenwick for over twenty years, with 24 wins to my name. The sensitivity, fit, and finish are highest quality available, you could not ask for a better rod.   
Reins tungsten the best tungsten weight on the planet feel the bite before the bite occurs
ima, what is this? It is a high quality line of baits from Japan. A lot of these are designed by top pros in the USA from the Rumba to the Flit, you will not have any problems except knocking fish out of the boat. Next time you are in your local tackle store, look for ima.
When the word Optimum Bait is thrown out, quality enters my mind.  From the finest swim baits, hard and soft, big or small and with their new Furbit the Frog, this will add a one, two punch to anyone's tackle.
When you are asking for innovations in depth finders, with their new high definition units, it is important to me that quality and the latest technology is available.  What I see is what I want  to catch.  Lowrance, it's the best!
On schooling bass, the Blakemore Road Runner is one of my favorites. It attracts fish of all species from the smallest to the largest. It's one of my favorite baits in open water for suspending fish and don't ignore this bait for big stripers. 
With TTI, Inc. you are looking at a triple threat. Whether you want something for flipping, drop-shotting, fine wire finesse, or a good replacement treble hook, the three amigos have been the pick for me since 1985.
When I was introduced to ZAPPU, I looked at it and said, "what?" but now it will be on every body of water I fish as one of my top ten baits to fish.

Between the fish and you, a hook came lose , the set was not strong enough, the drag was too lose or too hard, the rod was the wrong one, should I go on with the excuses? 

Trilene, there is no excuse.

For the angler who feels they would like to use fresh bait but won't, the new generation of soft bio degradable baits; they have worked for me time and time again.  Gulp!


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